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 The Witch's Beauty (Chapter 1)

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KC Buan


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PostThe Witch's Beauty (Chapter 1)

Chapter I


The strumming of the guitar. The keys of the keyboard played with tunes so beautiful. The simple, yet wonderful beat of the drums. And most especially the beautiful sounding vocals. Can you hear it?

Maroon 5, I guess that’s the name of the band. The one whose lead singer was the man with a high tuned voice—he did sometimes sound like a girl though. His voice was so exquisite, that you would wish for him to not stop singing.

They played music that could bring you to places you have never been.

Can you hear their music? They were really good.

Wait, I’ll max the volume. There.

Can you hear it now? Listen.

If you can… I am very happy for you. Because that is what I was trying to do for the last thirty minutes. And for that last thirty minutes, all I heard was the moaning of the sluttiest eighteen-year-old girl I have known. Which unfortunately was my monster-step-sister.

I heard the groaning of the man and the pounding. Gag! Gross, they’re just high school for crying out loud. Are they making a sex video?

I wonder, who was she with this time?

“Mmmn! Faster Rob! Faster!” she practically screamed and there you go. The man she’s having STD exchange with was his ‘other’ boyfriend Rob Martinez, a man-whore-of-the-year in the making.

I can’t believe I had a crush on him.

Yes, I had a crush on that half-demon and half-godly creature. Maybe a little more than a crush.

He’s handsome, intelligent and sweet. I saw how he loved his family, particularly his mom. How he respected girls.

I was once his secret admirer. I was sending him letters when we were at grade school. I sent him gifts, wrote him songs. Well… not anymore.

My respect, feelings, love (maybe), and admiration, it was all gone when he started dating Sandra—my step-sister. I saw the real him. He became someone I can’t believe he could be. He dated girls left and right, making-out with them in the hall way, canteen, locker-room, the custodian’s office and even in our principal’s office in which we were currently in. The difference was, they were not only making-out, they were sexing—if sex is a verb then.

It did hurt, but he’s not worth the tears. After my father’s death, pain was constant within me. He’s death, for me, was the only memory worth my tears. His death makes me numb from all ache.

I moved on of course (with Rob and not with Papa’s death). Thanks to Axel Demetri Bush the most cunning, hottest nerd in the planet, my best friend.

He once said, “To move on is to find someone better.”

I followed his advice. I looked for someone better. Someone much, much better. And when I found him, I certainly did move-on. What Axel didn’t know was he is this someone.

Of course I had to hide it from him.

You’ll probably think we were a match made in heaven because I’m a nerd and he’s a nerd. Well, to tell you frankly we’re not a match, which is a slap on my face. I am nothing in pare-up with him. I am roughly a rug beside him.

Let me tell you something about nerds. There are two type of them. A geek nerd, which we all knew, and a hot nerd. Geek nerds were intelligent but hideous in appearance. While the hot nerds were demigods, son and daughters of Athena. Intelligent, yet undeniably beautiful.

And we are the epitome of that, I being the geek nerd and him the hot one.

How we met is another story. My problem now was, how am I going to leave the office if I’m stock in this cabinet?

What brings me here, you asked? It’s because of a stupid favor.

I was walking at the hallway of our school, Western High School.

Western High is like any other normal high schools. The school was divided into three different curriculum. The curriculum for the geeks, douchebags and sluts.

The geeks’ curriculum is a set of courses for overachievers, like myself. We were particularly specialized in sciences and mathematics. Basically, we were trained to become scientist and engineer, accountants and maybe lawyers. This curriculum was called the Special Science and Mathematics Curriculum. Science and mathematics is our life but we also take in other advance subjects.

The Sports Programme was for the douches. All they do was play sports, sex and a little study. Of course they need to study if they want to remain in the curriculum. Actually, they were only studying for their exams, because we—the geeks— were the one who makes their requirements.

Some of us do it for free, some are being paid and some forcefully. And when I say forcefully, it’s the ‘I’ll make your life miserable if you don’t’ forceful. They were douchebags for a reason.

And lastly the sluts’ curriculum, the Basic Education Curriculum or much known as BEC. They studied make-up, make-out, dress-up, dress-out, sex and more sex. Thank God, I’m not in this curriculum.

Well, not all of the BEC students were sluts, there were also whores.

Joking aside, yeah. Not all of them were whores and douches though. Some were just unfortunate to be thrown out there. Like poor Emily Stem, who failed the Advance Physics last year, and Justin Romero who was really good with Tennis. Believe it or not, they are my friends.

Going back, I was walking at the hallway with my books of course. I was in my usual get-up: a long old skirt, a loose shirt with a print ‘Science Geek’—which I am very proud of, my dad’s big-old glasses and a pair of leather shoes. Not to mention the braces.

Total nerd, right? I mean totally hideous. But, I always like it that way.

Yeah, I know. I look like a witch like everyone said, at least Axel thought otherwise. Though sometimes I asked myself, is it just me or Axel needs another pair of glasses.

Like any normal schools, the hallway was filled with students (if your school isn’t normal then maybe it would be filled with ghost like Hogwarts). How I wish Hogwarts is true, I’ve been waiting for my letter for almost six years, but my fortune isn’t really good.

I was thinking about what house I’m going to be sorted with, when someone dumped me a bucket of ice-cold water.

Out of jolt I shouted, “Ravenclaw!”

I felt the world turned silent. I sensed the deep stares of the people around me, it’s consuming. After the silence was the loud booming of laugh in the hall.

Earth eat me now, I silently prayed.

“Ravenclaw? Really? What, you admit you’re a witch now?” Kevin, one of the douches, asked. It was more of a statement though.

“Maybe she studied at Hogwarts then. She’s a witch after-all,” Anna said. The bitch of their group.

Then the rumbling of the hall gets louder and louder. The tears in my eyes were threatening to fall. My feet were trembling out of the cold, the anger and the shame I felt.

Gosh! It was so embarrassing.

“A witch! Ravenclaw! She’s a lunatic.” I didn’t know who said that. All I heard was the laugh and I was consumed by the humiliation I was feeling.

Humiliated, yes, I am very humiliated. But are they worth my tears?

Definitely not! They are not worth it.

So, I stood firm. I grip my drench books, which is now useless. All I saw was red.

I was about to attack them with my four-inch-thick Calculus book, when a pair of arms enveloped me with a hug. A hug so tight that I found it hard to breath. It help though, it help me saw reasons.

I then slowly closed my eyes.

I felt the beating of his heart and heard his large intakes of breaths.

“Relaxed baby, relaxed,” he whispered.

I felt the warmth of his body, his breath and his kiss on my head.

“Baby, they are not worth it. Think, what will happen to you? Will it make things better if you overrule you feelings with anger? Think of me? Do you think I’m going to be happy, knowing my only daughter in a brawl?” he whispered again.

“Papa?” I wondered.

“Yes baby, Papa’s here.”

“You came back,” I whispered back.

“I don’t want my little baby be bruised. I love you baby!”

“I love you too, Papa,” I replied. “Are leaving again?”

“I’m sorry Bianca. I have to. But always remember, that I love you and I’m always watching for you.” I felt him hugged my tighter and then it was gone.

I wanted to cry, but I can’t cry in front of these monsters.

I was leaving when I heard Sandra talked. “He’s father graduated there. He’s a dark wizard, he’s name was Voldemort!”

I didn’t know their laugh can get this louder. But, talking ill about my Papa isn’t forgivable. I was about to turn around when suddenly Axel caught my hand and talk for my stead. Then I realized he was the one who hugged me.

“I didn’t know you had a thing for books Sandra,” he said coolly.

“Of course I don’t! I watched the movie, duh!” she retorted.

“Oh, thought you become one of us. But, nah, we can’t accept you in the circle. You’re too plain, simple and easy,” he answered back which caught her off guard.

Hell, he also caught me off. Where is he going with this argument?

“Easy?” she bitched-out (she talked in a bitchy tone, with a shriek).

“Yeah, you’re easy. Our circle want it hard. We want it rough.” He smirked then continued, “And a little warning slut, he-who-must-not-be-name is watching your back,” he paused and stared at the person who was holding the bucket. “And to you John, I’ll have you crawling tomorrow.”

All his funny demeanor was gone. His voice turned rough, he’s eyes flared with anger. Yet, all I was thinking was how hot he looked with his angry expression. It’s a total turn-on. God, he’s turning me horny.

“Let’s leave now Bunny,” he said while he gave me his jacket. “Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you by the way,” I replied.

“It’s not much. But, I have to bring you to the clinic. You’re freezing!” he bellowed.

“If someone dumped you an ice-cold water, wouldn’t you be freezing?” I whispered yell at him.

“Hey, I’m the hero here not the villain,” he said while gesturing surrender. Which reminds me.

“All of you!” I shouted with power—of course I don’t have power, just an expression. I look at all of them. They were all glued at the ground, dumbstruck, with their jaws on the floor. “I am preparing all my needles and my voodoo dolls. I guess I have to use them now. There is no point on hiding right? You all knew already! Well guess what? I will have my revenge!” I then gave them a hysterical laugh. I think, I knew what Axel was trying to do.

He, joining my crazy laugh confirmed my suspicion. Which apparently all of the geeks gets it so they laugh with us.

I didn’t know they were here. But, I’m very glad though.

We left the hallway all together, laughing ourselves out.

“I can’t believe they fell for that,” Tania said.

“Did you see their faces? It’s epic.” Axel joined in.

Joseph, our computer expert was replaying the footage he took at the hall. It was really epic. They all look fools. Somebody might not get us, but it is our way of fun. Making the sluts and the douches look fool and stupid, which they really are, gave us unexplainable pleasure.

It is what we called, ‘Getting Back, the Nerd’s Way’.

“Guys, thank you so much. You lifted my spirit.”

“Here’s the thing Bianca, it is not for free,” Jonathan said. He’s our curriculum president.

“Of course it isn’t,” I said with a sigh. I looked at Axel and asked if he has something to do with it.

“No, I don’t. I love you so much, Bunny. I can’t do that to you,” he tried to defend himself but I know his lying.

That brings me here. They wanted me to get the file of their resolution that they passed to the principal, which apparently was my step-father. Since I had the key to the office, getting in was not a problem. Dad was out for a meeting and he trusted me with his files, so it is not also a problem. The only problem was the girl outside this cabinet, who is currently very busy.

Dad told me to not let Sandra know about me getting in and out of the office, because the slut has a problem with me.

And yeah, my step-dad is cool.

So here I am, with my headphones on and trying very hard to focus my sense of hearing to the music and the voice of Adam.

I wonder why they need this file.

But, my most definite wonder is, when are the two going to stop?

And then finally I heard them reach their highest goal. I then turned off the music, but what I heard made me pale.

“Ready for the next round?”
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The Witch's Beauty (Chapter 1) :: Comments

Kaye Cee
Re: The Witch's Beauty (Chapter 1)
Post on Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:17 am by Kaye Cee
Great piece you have here. I like the character already. very opinionated. Can't wait for the next one...
Rowan Hunt
Re: The Witch's Beauty (Chapter 1)
Post on Thu Jun 12, 2014 7:22 am by Rowan Hunt
This is interesting. ^_^ keep it up!
Re: The Witch's Beauty (Chapter 1)
Post on Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:03 pm by KC Buan
Thank you so much..
Re: The Witch's Beauty (Chapter 1)
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The Witch's Beauty (Chapter 1)

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