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 The Forbidden Desire - sjmcarmenta

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PostThe Forbidden Desire - sjmcarmenta

(A/N: This is the first time that I'm going to share this story to the public. Enjoy reading!)

Life is so unfair especially when it comes to the heart. The ones you shouldn’t love are usually the ones you end up falling in love with. Just like what happened to me. I know what I felt was wrong but I just couldn’t do anything to fight it. Had I only been given an option, I would never choose to love her, yet I wasn’t given any. Isn’t that unfair?

It all started when I was still at a very young age - very young that I don’t remember anymore how old I was. Four, five, I’m not sure. All I can remember was it was already late at night when I was awakened by the loud moans of two people that were coming from the room beside mine.

Curiosity piqued my innocent mind so I decided to go out of bed to take a peek of what was happening in the other room. I turned the doorknob of the said room open and incidentally, the door wasn’t locked so it became easier for me to witness the scene that was still very unfamiliar to me during that time. She was lying on her back at their bed, while her husband’s head was buried between her thighs. Both of them were naked. I suddenly felt a weird feeling that I couldn’t really explain - a feeling that seemed like coming from the deepest and darkest part of my soul - even though I didn’t have the slightest idea of what they were doing.

Since that night, my attitude towards her already changed. If before I just usually ignore her whenever I came home from school, after that night, never did I ignore her anymore. I started wanting her to cuddle me every night and sing me a lullaby before I go to sleep; I started yearning for her hugs and kisses – not on my cheeks or forehead, but on my lips even if they were just smack. Her chest had since been the safest place for me, until I grew older - older enough for me to realize that what I felt for her wasn't normal.

I started to distance myself from her, date girls my age, inclined myself to alcohol drinking, smoking, computer gaming, and a lot more. I almost didn't go home anymore. In short, I became a rebel causing my parents to be enraged and sent me to my grandmother who was living in the province.

At first I was happy with the idea of me being away from my family because it was my goal after all, but when I was already totally separated from her, that's when I started to miss her hugs and kisses; seeing her sweat after doing the household chores; watching her hip sway when she walk; and the way she comforts me whenever I cry or feel afraid. I'd missed everything about her, but in spite of this, I still tried to forget her by continuing to date beautiful and sexy girls and even fucked them, but whenever I do, it was her that I always see. The memory of her, naked on their bed with her husband's head buried between her thighs kept coming back on my mind. It’s just then that I’ve realized how much I needed her.

Others call it lust, but for me, it's love. I fell in love with the woman I am mostly forbidden to fall in love with. Ironic, isn't it? But that's life.

When I thought I couldn't bear my longing for her anymore, I decided to run away from my grandmother and went back to my family. I didn't see her husband's sedan when I arrived so I knew he wasn't home. It was already two o'clock in the morning. I went straight to their room and luckily, it wasn't locked. I found her lying on the bed with her legs splayed across it and was wearing a black see-through style nightgown that showed her perfect round breasts and black thong.

I carefully watched her sleep and observed her features. Six years had gone but her beauty never faded a bit. It was like she never grew old. I sat down beside her on the bed and gently caressed her face - from her forehead, down to her cheeks, and then to her lips. Oh, how I’d missed to touch her like that! I slowly crossed the distance between our faces and touched her lips to mine. I didn’t think what other people would say anymore. What important to me was to make her feel how much I wanted and loved her.

“Luis,” she whispered her husband’s name but did not open her eyes.

“Sshh,” I whispered back. She might have noticed that I wasn’t her husband as she immediately opened her eyes and was totally shocked when she realized that it was me.

“Rex? What are you doing here?!” She exclaimed and tried to stand but I stopped her by trapping her body under mine. I put both her arms above her head and grasp them tightly using my right hand.

“Sshh, just be quiet,” I murmured and then tried to kiss her again on the lips but she avoided it by harshly turning her face right and left. I could almost hear her breath getting heavy so I knew she was getting nervous already.

“Hey R-rex, s-stop it!” She cried and struggled beneath me but I was just really way too strong for her. At the age of 21, I’m proud to say that I already have the built of a mason.

I didn’t mind her, but instead just continued with my motive. I held her jaw tight so she couldn’t avoid my kisses anymore and again, touched her lips to mine. It was so soft and sweet despite the tears that were streaming down her face.

“Hmm…” I moaned.

“Please R-rex. Don’t do this to me. I’m your ---” I cut her off before she could even finished her sentence. I didn’t want to hear it. Most importantly, I didn’t want to think about it even for just one second. I wanted and needed her right there and then, and would do everything just to fulfill my heart’s desire even if it was a sacred sin.

“You shut your fucking mouth up or I’ll tie you down,” I said, emphasizing each word to let her know that I was serious.

I heard her sob while I kissed her all over the face but I didn’t care. I felt totally lost and blinded by my need and love for her.

“Hmm…” I moaned again as I smelled her fragrant smell while my left hand worked its way down to her right leg and squeezed it.

“R-rex, p-please ---” She whispered with a cry but I cut her off again.

“Sshh… Just let me love you.” I whispered back and then buried my face on her neck while I kissed it. Once again, she answered me with a sob.

My left hand moved from her right leg to the hem of her nightgown and then pulled it just high enough for me to touch her over her thong. I wasn’t contented yet so I grabbed her underwear, pulled it aside, and then rubbed her using my thumb. God! She was so smooth and delicate that I felt lost even more! Never in my entire life did I imagine that I would be able to touch her there - on the most sensitive part of her body.

I heard her whimper as she struggled beneath me once more so I tightened my hold on her arms while I cupped her face. “Sshh baby, don’t cry. I just want to make love to you. Promise, I’ll be gentle for as long as you behave, so stop crying now, alright?” I whispered on her face as I wiped her tears away and then without any word, forced to take her thong off.

“Help!!!” She suddenly shouted, enraging me.

“I said, shut your fucking mouth up!” I said, angrily as I slapped her hard on the face.

Without any hesitation, I removed my belt from my pants using my left hand and then tied both of her hands to one of the metal posts of the bed. I stood up and took my pants off including my underwear, freeing my growing erection. Not wanting to waste any more time, I immediately went back to the bed and positioned myself into her entrance. She winced as soon as I pushed my hardness inside her. Damn! It felt like heaven! It was as if it was my first time getting laid.

Just as I was about to reach the climax, I heard the door of the room open. I turned my head to the door and was met by a shocked face of my father.

“R-rex? J-jessica?” He muttered our names with his eyes full of disbelief.

“D-dad,” I whispered, nervously.

“Luis!” She cried as I removed myself out of her and hurriedly put on my underwear and pants back.

“What the f**k did you just do?!” He came towards me in a flash and held the collar of my shirt tight with his eyes burning in fury. If looks could kill, I would probably be dead by then.

I don’t know what got into me, but I immediately took out the knife from the back pocket of my pants and stabbed my father in his stomach. It was already too late when I realized what I did as he was already laying on the floor with a lot of blood coming out from his gut.

I automatically dropped the knife that I was holding while dreadfully looking at him. “D-dad?” I unconsciously blurted out.

“W-what happened t-to y-you?” He whispered with tears pouring down his face. “S-son?” It was the last word that I heard from him before he closed his eyes.

“Luis!!!” I heard her shout. Dread was evident on her voice.

I turned my gaze on the bed where she was still laying and saw the horror on her face. I didn’t know what to do anymore, so without thinking, picked up the knife from the floor, positioned it in the middle of my stomach and then stabbed myself with it. It was so painful that I had to spit blood, but still nothing compared to the awful fact that I, Rex Keller, raped my mother - the same woman who gave birth to me when she was 16, and then killed my own father.

So here I am now inside a room that is surrounded by white walls, watching her stare at the white wall infront of her while talking to herself. She looks so different now compared to what she used to be. Her black silky straight hair has now turned dry and dreadful, while her face that used to be so lively and colorful has now become pale. Almost 20 years had gone now since that incident, but she still hasn’t moved on.

I love her so much that it feels like my soul is being ripped apart whenever I see her in her current condition, and what worst is, I want to apologize but I cannot do so as she would neither hear nor see me anymore.

I walked towards her and again, attempted to touch her, only to be saddened once more when my hand just passed through her face.

(A/N: This story was technically based from the theory about Oedipus Rex. Don't know if you know about that theory but you may search it in Google. Smile)
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The Forbidden Desire - sjmcarmenta :: Comments

Kaye Cee
Re: The Forbidden Desire - sjmcarmenta
Post on Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:15 am by Kaye Cee
cry baby very tragic. But it leaves an impact to those who would read this. I like your style, girl. Keep it up...
Re: The Forbidden Desire - sjmcarmenta
Post on Thu Jun 12, 2014 7:50 am by sjmcarmenta
Thank u Katerina! Smile

The Forbidden Desire - sjmcarmenta

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