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Rowan Hunt
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Book Addict
Rowan Hunt

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Humor : It could get lonely at the top, but I still want to be standing there.
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Yours:Mine Vide
PostSubject: Yours:Mine Yours:Mine EmptyTue Jun 10, 2014 9:40 am

[Note: this is currently on hiatus because i'm focusing on my main MS.  Read at your own discretion and please don't forget to leave a comment on my Paradise thread. ^_^]


1 [Instinct]

Jack stubbed out his cigarette into the ash tray.  It was his last one.A

His heart was still beating wildly and his mind was racing.  The cigarettes did not help him any at all.

He was sitting beside the window and was looking into the view of the river outside in the early morning sun.  He clenched his hand to a fist and then opened his hand once more.

He looked back to the girl that was sleeping soundly on his bed.

She was a young beauty, probably eighteen or nineteen.  Her hair was long and silky black.  Her skin were like porcelain against her frail-like frame.  She slept while wearing the dress that he saw her wearing last night.  The dress had a short skirt and her long legs seemed to go on forever.  She didn’t even bother to remove her shoes as she slept.

He had bought her.

The only problem was, he did it without much thought.

All he knew was that, from the moment he saw her, he knew he wanted to own her.  Passion or lust were not involved.  There were no clear reasons why but he bought her before the night ended and took her to his house.

He was not able to sleep.  Especially now that she was sleeping on his bed.

Jack thought of the place that he bought her from.  Someone like her...  Someone who looked so pure and beautiful should never have been in a place like that.  So maybe that’s what he felt when he bought her.

Did the inner knight in him awaken upon seeing such an innocent and beautiful damsel?

No, he was never a knight-in-shining-armor.  He was never a hero.  He only lived for his desires.

Some people even called him a beast behind his back.

But what can he really do for her?

His heart skipped when she turned on the bed while sleeping.  The hem of her skirt moved and exposed more of her beautiful legs.  He was unable to not look at them.  He stood up and walked towards the bed.  He took a deep breath before covering her with a blanket.

He shook his head.  He still had to think on what he had done.  In order to do so, he went out for a walk and to buy more cigarettes.


Maddy woke up with a start.

She was not in her bed and the room was different from the rooms of the Palace.

She checked herself and found that she was unharmed.  There was even a blanket covering her.  She looked around the room and realized that it was a man’s room.

The room had the smell of cigarettes and expensive men’s cologne.  There was a full ashtray near the window.

She sat there and found the place warm.  It almost seemed like someone had been sitting there for a long time before her.

The view was beautiful outside.  The sun was still about to shine and the river was still calm.  The city was still waking.  A light morning mist was still in the air.

She never had this kind of view in the Palace.  It was away from the river and in a secret location where only selected members knew how to enter.

She had been staying there for almost a year now.

Maddy remembered the man that had bought her.

She did not know what he was thinking when he told the Master that he wanted her.

He looked so refined but there was an inner fierceness in him that made her heart beat faster in anticipation from the very first moment that she saw him.

When the Master introduced him as her new owner, she felt her heart skip a beat as he smiled at her.


She was almost sure that that was the name that she heard the Master call him.


Maddy closed her eyes and smiled.

She was suddenly pulled out from her thoughts when she heard movement from outside the room.

He’s back!

She immediately stood up and tidied herself and her hair.

She held her breath as he opened the door of the room and peered at her.

“I brought breakfast.  Would you like to have some?” he asked her.

“Yes, thank you.”

He left the door open as he disappeared from her view.  She went out of the room and headed towards where the sound of his movements came from.

She found him in the kitchen and was setting the food that he bought on plates on top of the black marble counter.  There were two mugs of hot coffee on the kitchen counter as well.

“Grab a bite,” he told her.

She nodded and immediately took her seat in front of the counter and slowly ate.  She was hungry.  She was not able to eat anything last night because of the work that they gave her in the Palace.

He was watching her.  He did not eat but only drank his coffee and smoked.

She was careful not to spill anything or be messy.  She did not want him to have a bad impression of her especially now that he was her owner.

When Maddy thought about it, she really could not figure out his reason for buying her.

She was not even an official staff at the Palace.  She was never allowed to attend to the guests.  She was just someone they picked up and made to clean up after all the guests were gone.  It was only by chance that he saw her on that room as she was cleaning the whip that a guest had been previously using.

“What’s you’re name?” he suddenly asked her after she finished with her meal.  He stubbed out his cigarette and lit up a new one.

“They call me Maddy.”


“Yes, it’s for Madison.  It’s the name that Master gave me.”

He blew the smoke sideways, towards the open kitchen window.


The sound of her name coming from his lips made her shiver.  His voice was deep and it was as if he was caressing her when he said her name.

“Yes, just Madison.”


Jack knew, the moment she spoke, he was never going to be able to return her.

The idea came when he was out walking a while ago.  But now that she was awake and was sitting before him, he could not make her leave his sight.

Her bright green eyes were a contrast to her long, dark hair.  She looked at him with an innocence of a child.

He really could not believe that she came from that place.

Jack had only gone there as a spectator because a friend of his, that was a patron there, invited him.  There were shows for guests while others took their time with chosen members of the staff.  It was a club for hobbies of sorts.

It was her purity and innocence amidst it all that had struck him.  She was holding a whip and was cleaning it.

She looked so innocent yet so dangerous that it sent shivers down his spine when she turned and looked at him last night.

He stubbed his cigarette on the ashtray and stood up.  Maddy followed suit and just stood quietly by the counter.

He took the remaining paper bag that was left unopened from his brief shopping outside.  He handed it to her and she quietly accepted it.

“There’s a toothbrush and all the other things that you might need.  You can use the bathroom in my room if you want.  I’ll just be leaving for a while.”

“Yes, M-master.”

He held her chin and turned her face towards him.  “Call me Jack.  You’re not in the Palace anymore.”

“Yes, M--Jack.”

He saw her face turn red and it made his heart skip a beat.

God!  She was so beautiful.

He almost forgot how to breathe for a second.


Am I insufficient?  Does he not want me?

Maddy looked at the closed door in front of her.

Jack just left and told her to freshen up.  He did not even bother to tell her when he will be back.

She sighed and headed for the bathroom.

He is my owner and I am just someone that he owns.  I probably don’t have any right to ask any questions and just do as I am told, she thought to herself.

Maddy went inside the bathroom and took her time in the shower.  All her thoughts were centered on Jack.

A lot of questions about him popped up in her mind.

What does he do for a living?  How old is he?  Does he have a girlfriend?

He could be married for all she knew.  There are some guests like that in the Palace—married men who still indulge in their secret hobbies without their families’ knowledge.  Is Jack the same as them?

She put on the white dress that he brought her and the flip flops that fit to her small feet after a shower.  The dress ended above her knees and had a thin strap on the shoulders.  It made her look young and pretty.

Maddy looked at herself in the mirror and realized that she was now free from the confines of the Palace.  She was never really allowed to leave the Palace not unless for were important errands.  She had never been to any other place since she came to the Palace so being with Jack could possibly change all that.  She may be able to go out and explore the world now.  That put a smile on her face.

She brushed her black hair and realized how long it had become since she arrived at the Palace.  Master never allowed her to cut her hair.  He told her that she would look better with longer locks as it made her look more child-like.

She tilted her head and stared at her face on the mirror.

Master told her that she should be around eighteen or nineteen years old.  He said that she would be free to do what she wanted since she was already of legal age.

She did not understand much of what he told her since she did not seem to remember what she wanted to do.

Maddy came to the Palace without any memories.  She looked like a ragdoll when they found her on the roadside leading to the Palace.  She was thankful for Master’s kindness and care.  He took care of her until she looked better and even gave her a name.

She owed a lot to Master and to all the people in the Palace.  One day, she may be able to visit them and return a little bit of the favor.  If she had not been in the Palace, she would not have met Jack and she would not have been here now.  And Master let her leave the Palace.  He was very kind to her all along.

She smiled once more.


Jack came home late.  He spent his time in a bar.  He drank as he thought about what best to do with Maddy.  He bought her after all.

He realized that everything was clean and tidy when he went inside the house.  It appeared as if Maddy had been working all day while he was absent.

It somehow brought a feeling of irritation to him.

He did not buy her just to have her clean the house.  That was not his intention.

So for what reason? asked a voice inside him.

Jack shook his head and went to his room.

He slowly opened the door and was careful not to wake Maddy up in case she was sleeping.

Jack’s heart skipped a beat when he saw her sleeping as she sat beside the window.

She wore the white dress that he gave her and it suited her perfectly.  She looked more beautiful with her long, black hair falling down on the side of her face.  The room was dark and the soft shadows on her face made her look more mysterious and somewhat seductive with the moolight.

He suddenly felt his insides stirring.  It was like last night when he first saw her.

The vision of her moved and empassioned him.

With her white dress, she looked like an angel who came down from heaven to guide him through the dark night.

Jack walked up to her and could not help but be transfixed by her beauty.

Surely, there were a lot of beautiful and amazing people in the Palace but he had never seen one so pure and fascinating.

Maddy stirred and he once again felt his heart skip.

She slowly opened her eyes and gave him a sleepy smile when she saw him.

“Jack...” she said in a low, hoarse voice.

In a beat, he held her in his arms, his lips on hers.

It was like igniting a fire.  All it took was a spark and then everything lit up like wildfire.

It was as if all of his self-restraint and reason melted as soon as he heard her call out his name.  The moment their lips touched, he felt the intense need to be connected to her...  To touch her and know everything about her...  To make her truly his.

It was then that he realized that it was for this very reason that be had bought her.  From the very first moment that he had laid eyes on her, somewhere deep inside of him, he knew that she was his and no one else’s.  It was pure instinct.


So this is what a kiss feels like...  

Being embraced by Jack’s warm arms made Maddy want to bury herself deeper into them.

She welcomed his lips as they kissed hers.  Within her was a passion that was slowly being awakened by this man.  She had never known what desire was.  Even when she was inside the Palace, she only wondered about what reasons the people that go there had.  She knew well what they were doing but she never had any strong desires about it.  But now...  Now that she was being held by this man, she very much wanted to do anything for him.

She wanted to be held tightly by him...  To be touched by him...  To be connected to him...  To be possessed by him...  She wanted to give him everything that she had.  She would gladly give it all.  Body and soul.

“Jack...” she murmured his name against his lips.

Maddy saw his eyes filled with a passion burning so strong that she herself felt the heat.  A shiver ran from her belly down to the apex of her legs.

“Mine,” he said before he kissed her again.  This time, the kiss was more intense, more passionate than the last.

She clung to him, not wanting to separate their bodies.  She felt his hand caress her skin with a gentleness that made her whole body ache.

“Please...” was the only word she was able to utter.  She was becoming mindless with his touch and kisses.

She wanted him.  She needed him.

Before she realized it, their clothes were already gone.  Her naked body was exposed but she did not feel ashamed.  Instead, she smiled as his lips touched hers for the nth time.

“You’re mine,” Jack said.

Yes, yours...

When their bodies joined, Maddy felt like she was fulfilled for the first time since waking up without her memories a year ago.  If losing her memory paved the way to be taken by Jack, then she did not mind.  She would just make new memories with him.  That was all that mattered.

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Rowan Hunt
Book Addict
Book Addict
Rowan Hunt

Taurus Female
Humor : It could get lonely at the top, but I still want to be standing there.
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Yours:Mine Vide
PostSubject: Re: Yours:Mine Yours:Mine EmptyTue Jun 10, 2014 9:42 am

2 [Whirlwind]

Jack only realized after he had taken Maddy for the first time that she was a virgin. Seeing the blood on the sheets made his feelings for her grow more intense. He was unable to hold back and took her over and over again.

He had his fair share of women and sex. But it was only with Maddy that he felt like he was making love for the first time. It was as if she was the woman made for him.

Her body fitted him perfectly. The way her fragile-like frame would respond and heat up with his touch was just like the way he wanted it. The sounds she made as she writhed underneath him in pleasure stoked his inner fire even stronger. She never complained each and every time he took her. Instead, she welcomed him and held on to him as if her life depended on it. Her eyes silently called out for him as they made love. She was inexperienced but she learned with every time that their bodies connected.

She was absolutely perfect.

They both lost track of time. They spent most of their time making love on and off the bed. The only breaks they took were only enough to take care of their basic needs. It was as if they were inseparable. It was as if not touching meant certain death. It was like they were desperate to make up for the time that they still did not know each other. Everything was like a whirlwind.

Jack had never been sex mad. He got laid regularly but not in excess. But that was what he could exactly describe himself now as. He was indeed sex mad. And that was all because of a certain bewitchingly beautiful girl that he was blessed to turn into a woman.

“Mine...” he whispered into her ear as he held her in his arms while she slept.

It was already dawn and the initial rays of the sun were starting to light up the sky. They had been making love for almost a week now. None of them ever went outside the house. If they lacked food, they had it delivered.

He was never a man to neglect his duties. But he was truly thankful that he was a self-made man and could do whatever he wanted with his time. He did not feel guilty at all for doing nothing but making love to Maddy this whole time. Instead, he felt fulfilled. There was nothing more wonderful than spending time with her.

“Jack...” Maddy murmured in her sleep.

Hearing that made him smile.

Was she dreaming of him?

Maddy moved closer to him. She was already well-secured in his arms but she still held on to him tighter. Her leg was hooked on to his.

He was not a contact sleeper. Whenever he spent the night with other women before, he did not like holding them after sex. But with Maddy, it felt like being trapped in his arms was where exactly she belonged.

If possible, Jack did not want to show Maddy to anyone. He wanted her all for himself. He wanted to just lock her away in his house and to never let her out. He wanted to protect her from any harm and ensure that she would only look at him. He wanted her to depend on him with everything. He wanted to be her everything.

He knew that he was being selfish. But he had always been the type of person who hid away the things that he liked. He did not want to share them with others. He did not want them to be taken away from him. He felt the same with Maddy but more intensely.

Jack sighed. He kissed her hair and let sleep take him away. He hoped that, if ever he ever dreamed, he would be dreaming of her, too.


Maddy woke up with a start. She was all alone in the bed.

Waking up to an empty bed made her chest feel hollow. She did not like it.

She got used to opening her eyes and seeing Jack’s face as he waited for her to wake up. Or there were also times that she woke up first and she watched him as he slept and did not move until he woke up. She really did not like being alone in bed.

She turned to the bedside clock and saw that it was already quarter to three in the afternoon. She slept soon after they made love early this morning. Jack probably did not wake her up to let her rest. They were doing it non-stop for several days now after all.

Maddy felt her cheeks grow hot when she remembered that fact. She hurriedly picked up Jack’s shirt and wore it.

She already had a change of clothes. On her first morning with Jack, all of her possessions were delivered from the Palace in a small bag. It was now somewhere inside Jack’s walk-in closet. But she still preferred wearing Jack’s shirts. Because whenever he saw her wearing them, he would always want to take them off and do nice things to her.

“Jack,” she called out after going out of the bedroom.

Jack’s house was in a highly elevated place that was why he had a good view of the river from his bedroom. Maddy noticed that most of his furniture and decorations were mostly black or white. The designs of the house were cool and elegant. It was also very spacious and the ceilings were high. It fit her image of Jack well.

“In here!” she heard him answer.

It didn’t take her long to find him since he was just on the next room. She did not know what room it was since she did not have much chance of exploring the house. One her first day here, she only cleaned the bedroom, the kitchen and the living room. She did not dare open any closed doors without Jack’s approval. After all this time, the only places she got intimate with were the bedroom, the adjoining bathroom and the kitchen. The thought made her blush again.


Maddy took a peek into the room’s open door. She saw Jack standing in the middle of the room.

“Come here,” he said as he turned to her.

She walked in and started to look around the room.

It was another bedroom. It was also as spacious as Jack’s bedroom but the design and the furniture looked a bit more softer, more feminine despite it’s black and white concept. It was very different from Jack’s room that screamed ‘all man’.

“So what do you think? Do you like it?” Jack asked her right after he locked her in his arms.

“It’s a nice room,” she answered.

Maddy thought that Jack did not need her to answer such a question. It was already fairly obvious to her that everything inside Jack’s house was nice and spoke well of his tastes.

He gave her a quick, deep kiss and smiled. “From now on, this is your room. I just had it furnished today. I’m glad that you like it.”


Maddy was shocked by that announcement. She never thought that she would get to sleep in a separate bed from Jack. After all this time, she thought that he also wanted to sleep and wake up together.

“Baby, I’m not kicking you out of my bed. I’d never want to sleep without you. Please don’t give me that face.” Jack’s hold on her became tighter.

She did not realize that she was pouting. She shook her anxieties away and straightened her face. She did not want to doubt Jack. She was sure that he had a very good reason for this room.

“So why this bedroom?” she asked.

“That’s because I’m planning on giving you a lot of things. So I want to make sure that you have a place where to put them. I can’t guarantee that they’d all fit my closet so it’s better to have more space,” he answered.

Maddy glanced at the wide bed near them. “But you even put in a bed. I could not help it.”

“This room... This bed only means more places for us to make love in, Maddy,” he whispered in her ear.

His low voice, his warm breath, his lips brushing against her ear and the meaning of what he just said sent a delicious shiver down to the apex of her thighs. It made her feel hot and excited all of a sudden.

She was sure that Jack sensed it because he responded with a long and hard kiss. They were soon after breaking in the new bed.


It was after breakfast the next day that Jack gave her a large white box. He told her to get ready and wear the contents of the box because they would be going out.

Maddy was so excited that she complied immediately. She decided to use her bedroom for the first time while Jack got dressed in his room.

She was very happy with the contents of the box. There was a pale pink, sleeveless dress that ended just above her knees. It was made of light material that easily clung to her body. There was also a pair of white ballerina flats adorned with lace. There was also a black velvet case inside that contained a pair of pearl earrings and a necklace. She loved it not because they were all designer label and expensive but because it was Jack who gave them to her. She considered anything that he gave her precious.

She gladly wore them and was smiling all the time as she was checking herself in front of the mirror. She looked very pretty in the dress and the pearls. She styled her hair into an elegant bun because she wanted to show off the gifts that Jack gave her.

She hoped that Jack would like what he would be seeing. She decided to go to his room to surprise him.

“Jack!” She was the one who was surprised in finding him waiting outside of her door.

He was just standing outside of the door looking cool and composed. He looked dashing in his faded jeans and white tee under a black leather jacket. His dark blond hair was tousled, the ends licking the back of his ear and his neck. She loved running her hands in them.

He smiled the moment he saw her. It was the kind of smile that spoke volumes. It made her cheeks grow hot but she still smiled back.

“You’re beautiful,” he murmured in her ear when he came close.

It made her cheeks feel hotter. She lowered her head, trying as best as she can to hide her satisfaction.

“Let’s go,” he said as he held her hand. He led her down the house and into the very large garage.

Jack’s house had two levels. The living space was on the second level. There was a staircase outside that directly led to the second level. The first level was for the garage and a storage room.

When Maddy first arrived at Jack’s house, his car parked right in front of the staircase and he led her directly to the bedroom. That was why she was very curious as to how the garage looked like and what the contents were. The Palace also had a large indoor garage to accommodate the guests’ cars. She imagined that it would also look the similar. She was sure that it would also be full of very nice cars.

She was not mistaken but she was still amazed by what she saw. There were several motorcycles mixed in among the luxury cars. They all looked so shiny and seemingly brand-new. It was like going to car show.

“They don’t seem used at all,” she could not help but say.

She wondered what Jack did for a living to be able to afford all these cars. It was also the first time that she wondered how much he paid to buy her. But she decided to ask him when the timing was right. She did not want to ruin the mood by talking about money. That topic was something that she was never comfortable with in the first place.

Jack chuckled as he got out of the storage room. He was holding a set of keys in his hand.

“I’ve taken each of them for a spin at least once. And I’m fair in giving them affection so they don’t complain.”

“You must really like cars.”

“Not as much as I like you.”

Hearing those words made Maddy’s chest feel like it was expanding because of happiness. She expressed her feelings with a wide smile.

Jack gave her a one-sided grin and held her hand. He led her to the red Dodge Viper and guided her inside. He even made sure that she was comfortable in her seat while helping her with the seatbelt. She was familiar with the car since it was the one he used to take her home.

“Do you know how to drive?” he asked as he was maneuvering the car out of the garage and into the driveway.

“I’m not sure,” she answered.

“You haven’t tried before?”

She shook her head. “It’s just that I don’t remember whether I’ve driven a car before or not.”

“Why is that?”

“I don’t have any memories before the time I was in the Palace.”

Maddy said it so easily in front of Jack like it did not matter. Memories were something that can be made and replaced after all. And she had decided not to care about whatever her past was because all that mattered was her present and future with Jack.


Jack seemed surprised because he immediately stopped the car after hearing her. He turned to her and grabbed her by the arm. He looked straight into her eyes and studied her for a while.

She touched his cheek with her hand. “It’s really not something you should worry about, Jack. I don’t care about the past. What’s important to me is right now... With you.” She leaned forward and kissed him.

Maddy considered it a good thing that the driveway was very long until it reached the main road and that there were a lot of trees in the area. What happened next would only be considered something not for the general public to see.


Jack watched as Maddy tried one outfit after another. He could not help but imagine how he would take each and every one of them off of her. Just the mere thought made his pulse quicken.

They were inside a store of a friend. He reserved the store to have the clerks help Maddy in filling up her closet. They should have arrived two hours ago but then there were pressing matters to attend to. It was wise to have reserved the store for the whole day.

He told her to buy anything that she wanted without thinking about the price. She was hesitant at first. She was okay with the clothes and the pearls that he gave her. But it seemed like she was not comfortable with spending a lot of money herself. It made his chest ache when he saw the fear of making him angry in her eyes.

Maddy was a young girl who had nothing... No memories and no family. She only had him now. And he knew that all she wanted was to please him.

He did not like the fear that he saw in her eyes. So he did his best to reassure her that it was something that he wanted to do for her. He told her that showering her with gifts was something that pleased him. He was willing to give anything to her.

He also told her not to fear him. He would never dare hurt her because she was someone very important to him. For good measure, he gave her a long and hard kiss. His chest felt lighter after he was able to wipe away the fear in her eyes. She looked more confident as well.

Jack had an account in the store. He bought some of his clothes there. He had confidence in the owner’s taste that was why he took Maddy there. He also knew that his friend would be very happy if Maddy ever managed to buy everything from the store.

He would give his nod of approval whenever he saw an outfit that he liked on her. She would always brighten up like a light bulb every time he approved of what she wore. It never failed to make him smile very time.

Jack put back his cell phone in his jeans pocket. He made a quick call to the Master of the Palace to set up an appointment. He wanted to know more about Maddy.

Even if she told him that the past did not matter, he still wanted to know. If he wanted to possess her, he needed to know her past. In order to protect her, he needed to know if there was anything from her past that may come to hurt her. He wanted to be prepared for anything since he decided to be with her.

He was sure that Master knew something about her. He wouldn’t let her stay in the Palace for almost a year and just make her clean after the guests. She was too beautiful to keep away from them. From an investor’s point of view, Maddy was someone worth a lot. He chuckled. That was probably why he had to part with his millions to get her.

Money was something he never worried about. He easily made money without much effort like King Midas who turned everything that he touched into gold. He even considered Maddy’s worth being more than what he had in his bank account. And that was definitely saying a lot considering that many people chased after him for his money for all intents and purposes.

The clerks were busy packing up all the things that she decided to buy. One of them refilled their champagne glasses and served chocolate pastries. He watched Maddy eat as he drank.

“I didn’t know buying clothes is this tiring,” Maddy said as she sat beside him on the plush sofa.

Jack smiled, amused. “You’re the only woman I know who gets tired when it comes to shopping.”

Maddy stuck out her tongue at him. “You should be thankful for that.”

“You don’t need to worry about anything, baby. You’re man here has a bottomless pocket when it comes to you.”

His heart skipped a beat when he saw her cheeks go red. She tried to hide it by lowering her head. The gesture was very cute. He reached out and held her hand.

“But I like it better if you buy them for me like this dress,” she muttered.

Hearing that from her sweet lips, he forgot how to breathe for a second. It was like the world stopped spinning and there were only the two of them in the world. Everything else faded in the background. He could hear his heart beating loudly against his ears.

He moved his hand up to her chin and lifted up her face to meet his. She was blushing crimson now. The sight of her made his heart beat go wild. Before he knew it, his lips were already on hers. He kissed her for a long time. She tasted like chocolate. It made him want to eat her up. But he restrained himself since they were inside the store and others were watching.

“We’ll have the clothes delivered. Let’s go home for now,” he murmured against her lips.

Maddy looked dazed and a bit drunk after the kiss. It gave him the urge to kiss her again but stopped. He gave instructions to the clerks and led Maddy out of the store soon after.
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Rowan Hunt
Book Addict
Book Addict
Rowan Hunt

Taurus Female
Humor : It could get lonely at the top, but I still want to be standing there.
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Yours:Mine Vide
PostSubject: Re: Yours:Mine Yours:Mine EmptyTue Jun 10, 2014 9:44 am

3 [Caged Birds]

Jack slowly traced circles on Maddy’s naked back with his finger. They were comfortably cuddling on the bed after making love.

She was carefully tucked to his side while both of them were naked underneath the sheets. One of her legs was hooked on to his. Her arm was over his stomach while her head rested on top of his chest near where his heart was.

It was late into the night and everything was silent. All Jack could hear was the sound of his own heart beating. It was steady and content. It was something that he had not felt for a very long time.

“Are you still bothered that I have amnesia?” she asked without facing him.

His fingers stopped moving and he held on to her shoulder.

“No, baby,” he answered in a low whisper.

“But you seem so quiet today. I’ve caught you deep in thought earlier, too. Please don’t think so much about what happened to me. I’m actually seeing it as a blessing because I met you because of it.”

He kissed her hair and gave her shoulder a squeeze.

“I know, baby.”

But Jack was not satisfied with just knowing that Maddy lost her memories. He wanted to know what the cause of it was. He wanted to know if there was something or someone that he needed to protect her from. He did not want her to be harmed. He had resolved to find the answers from the Palace’s Master when they meet.

“I love you, Jack. You’re the most important person to me. I never want to be separated. Not ever,” Maddy said.

Jack closed his eyes, carefully engraving Maddy’s words in his memory. He felt like he was saved by those words. They were words he had wanted to hear in the past but was never able to. He had forgotten how it was to desire for such words. Maddy awakened all the emotions in him that he had thought were already dead.

There was a bittersweet ache in his chest as he held Maddy tighter. He could not help but wish to have met her sooner. But he was still happy that she was with him now. All that mattered was the present and not the past.

“We’ll always be together,” he said.


Jack looked at the garden outside of the floor-to-ceiling window of the Palace sitting room. It looked like a work of art. It was mid-afternoon and the skies were clear. He wondered what sort of memories Maddy had of the place starting from when she first arrived there.

He heard the door open and promptly close. His back was to the door so he turned around to face the person who entered. He straightened himself as the man walked towards him.

“You came,” the Master said as soon as he came into the room.

Jack would always wonder, whenever he saw the Master, how such a person could become the proprietor of such a place. He could only describe the Master as beautiful despite being a man. There was a grace in his movements that could only come from an affluent and noble upbringing.

The Master had curly, golden blond hair that went past his shoulders but always kept tied down at the back. He was almost as tall as Jack. He was well-built but he always had an air of being delicate. It was as if he gave others around him the urge to take care and protect him.

But one should not judge the Palace’s Master through looks alone. The Master was a man who knew a lot of things. He was well-connected. That was how the Palace continued to exist in secret despite the type of guests that walk through its doors each day. It could be that his outer appearance was just a means to catch others unaware. Those blue eyes that looked straight at him now were intense and knowing.

Jack thought the Master was a very mysterious but clever man, one he need not make enemies of.

“So you were expecting me,” Jack said.

“Yes, but not this soon.” The Master smiled at him. “Would you like some refreshments?”

“There’s no need. Let’s cut to the chase.”

“Please have a seat,” he said after guiding Jack to the chairs near the window.

“So, you’re not going to act as if you don’t know the reason for my visit. That’s good. At least we can discuss things more openly,” he said.

The Master leaned back on his seat and took a long, hard look at Jack. It was as if he was scanning the very insides of Jack’s heart and soul.

If he felt any discomfort, Jack surely did not show it. He kept his face straight and met the Master’s unwavering eyes.

The Master’s lips smiled but his eyes were serious. “How far do you think you can go with Maddy beside you?”

“To eternity.”

“Can you protect her?” the Master asked.

“I will protect her with my life,” Jack answered.

“Let me rephrase the question, then. Can you protect her given the life that you lead right now?”

Jack felt his throat constrict for a second. But he managed to recover and not let anything show on his face. He silently praised the Master despite feeling a burning sensation in his chest. He did not question how the Master knew about him. If it was the Master, he could truly give Jack the answers that he wanted.

“No matter what life I led before, from the moment that I met Maddy, my life is not just mine alone. We now share our lives together.”

“That’s good enough then. I’ll tell you what you want to know.”

And so Jack listened as the Master told him everything that he knew about Maddy. By the end of their conversation, Jack had his hands balled into fists. He relaxed his jaw after realizing that he was gritting his teeth.

“What you do with the things that I told you is entirely up to you. However, I do not wish for any harm to fall upon that girl. But the job of protecting her is now in your hands. Failure would be lethal.”

“I know that without you having to tell me,” Jack said.

“Will you be able to let her spread her wings, Jack? Now that you share your lives together, neither of you can live in cages anymore.”

Jack did not respond. He only had thoughts of making sure that Maddy would never meet any danger. And caging her was not a difficult option.

“But I must admit that the desire to cage her would be strong within you even more so after knowing about her. But if you do that, then you are not the man worthy of her.”

“I am the only man worthy of her. And even if I trap her in a cage, I will make damn sure that it’s a very big cage—one she would never want to get out from.”

The Master smiled once more. “Then it would surely be a sight to see... Two beautiful but broken birds in a cage together.”

“I will take my leave,” he said after a long silence. He stood up and headed for the door without waiting for the Master’s response.

“She will heal you. Both of you can be each other’s wings,” the Master said before he left the room.


The Master looked out of the window and watched Jack’s Dodge Viper drive away. He wondered what Jack would do from now on after knowing about Maddy. Surely, all that bravado about caging her would be...

He sighed.

They truly are beautiful but broken birds in a cage.

The Master just hoped that Jack would stay strong and firm about Maddy all the way.

“To eternity, huh?”

He remembered the words that Jack spoke earlier. He wondered if Jack and Maddy could truly spend an eternity together. He could not help but remember the memories of his own past because of them.


It was the word that he hated the most. It was the word that he wished he never heard from that person.

He took a deep breath.

Even if eternity is a lie, he will make sure that those two caged birds could somehow become free. Even if it’s only them that can fly out of the cage...

He turned around and looked at the wide expanse of the Palace’s sitting room. He smiled as he saw his own reflection from a Victorian mirror from across the room.

Yes, even if it’s just them. He will make sure of it.


Maddy ran straight to the door after hearing the doorbell ring. She was actually nervous because Jack was not with her and she did not know who it was behind the door.

Jack never said anything about visitors. He just said that he would be back soon and that was all. There would be no harm done in opening the door, right?

She took a deep breath and gathered her courage before opening the door.

What she saw standing outside of the front door was a blonde woman who looked like a model in an expensive white suit. It was quite a surprise for Maddy. She did not know why such a person would ring the bell. But then she suddenly thought that maybe the woman was Jack’s acquaintance. Since, surely, she was not a door-to-door saleswoman.

The woman also looked surprised if not shocked to see her open the door. It was like she was expecting that it would be Jack that would come to meet her. The woman raised a brow after giving Maddy a full sweep from top to bottom.

Maddy unconsciously looked down at her own clothes. She was wearing an apron over Jack’s t-shirt and a pair of white shorts. It surely wasn’t something to compare with what the blonde was wearing.

“Where’s Jack? He hasn’t been answering his phone for a week now. He’s been missing his appointments and there’s been no news of him. Is he in the house?” the woman said while barging through the door. She walked inside like she was perfectly familiar with the place and headed straight to the living room.

“He’s out but he’d be back soon,” Maddy said, walking after the woman. “May I ask who you are?”

The blonde stopped in the middle of the living room and turned around to face her. “LaDonna, Jack’s personal assistant. And who are you?” The woman really put emphasis on ‘you’ as if she was some kind of misplaced thing.

“I’m Maddy. I’m Jack’s...” She blushed at the very thought of saying ‘lover’ out loud. But it was the only word that she could think of.

“You’re Jack’s what? I’ve never heard of your name before.” LaDonna looked at her from head to foot again.

“Well, Jack and I just met recently.” She smiled. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Are you the housekeeper? I’d like some coffee, thanks.” LaDonna sat on the sofa and fiddled with her smartphone, ignoring Maddy altogether.

“I’m not the housekeeper but I like cleaning the house. I’m Jack’s lover. Please wait a while for your coffee,” Maddy said with a smile. She did not know why but she felt like scratching LaDonna’s eyes out at that moment.

LaDonna looked at her with shock. Clearly, the blonde did not expect such answer from her.

Maddy turned and went to the kitchen to prepare the coffee. Since LaDonna was Jack’s assistant, she might be able to tell her things about Jack’s work.

That was a topic that she was curious about after seeing Jack’s office for the first time yesterday. By the look of the office, it seemed that he worked at home. He had a long office table and one side of the wall was filled with wide screen monitors. Jack mentioned something about stocks and investments but it was still a big puzzle to her.

She was carrying the coffee out of the kitchen when Jack arrived. She knew immediately because Jack called out for her the moment he stepped inside the house. She found him in the living room, talking to LaDonna.

“Hey,” she said to Jack after giving LaDonna her coffee.

“Hey, babe.” Jack put his arm around her waist and gave her a hard kiss.

Maddy felt her face burning because LaDonna was right in front of them and Jack acted like he did not care at all. She momentarily forgot that they were not alone as well when Jack drew their bodies closer to each other. All she could do was hold on to him.

When they separated, she turned towards LaDonna and found that the woman’s expression was stony. It was clear that she did not like what she saw. Maddy even saw a hint of jealousy from LaDonna’s eyes. But all of this were gone the second Jack turned to face LaDonna.

Had she been eyeing Jack while working for him? She did look like a model but Maddy sensed that Jack never gave her the time of day.

“Baby, this is LaDonna, my PA. LaDonna, this is Maddy. She’s living with me,” Jack said.

LaDonna smiled sweetly at Maddy. It was so sweet that Maddy almost felt her teeth hurt. She guessed LaDonna’s beauty could not make up for her personality. Maddy felt very proud at that moment that it was her in Jack’s arms and not LaDonna.

“It’s nice to meet you, Maddy,” LaDonna said.

“Same here,” she said.

“Baby, we’re just going to be in my office working. Can you bring me a cup of coffee, too?” Jack said to her.

“Okay,” she said with a smile.

She was in a very good mood while preparing coffee for Jack.

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