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 Angel in Distress

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PostAngel in Distress

It was a handsome and fancy music box. The one with a pretty-faced angel holding a golden harp while dancing in circles atop the round mirror. She had enormous but delicately-looking wings on her back; its tiny feathers fluttering every time she moves around her space. Donned with a charming white robe with a blue belt clasped around her tiny waist, the angel was perfectly beautiful.

The music box belonged to this teenager named Emma. Like the angel, Emma was blessed with good looks pleasing to the eyes of the boys from her school and a source of envy from the girls as well. With that innocently-looking face of hers, Emma could pass for a saint or even for an angel if God would have given her wings and a halo.

But most often, looks can be very deceiving. Emma was neither a saint nor an angel. In fact, her inner thoughts were of the exact opposite. Deep inside her, everything was in turmoil. Her body was like a house inhabited by pain, confusion, hatred and extreme sadness. Her soul was like standing in a death row waiting for its moment to finally put everything to an end. And indeed it was waiting. Her clock was ticking. She was like a time bomb waiting for the right timeā€¦

Then a sound of a single shot suddenly interrupted the stillness of the room. It was an ear-splitting sound that the angel fell on the carpeted floor. Her perfectly-beautiful face, her soft and delicate wings, her shiny golden harp and her unblemished white robe were splattered with tiny and large red-colored spots. The angel, which used to be immaculately-clean, was suddenly smeared with blood.

And sprawled atop the pink-colored bed was Emma, her hand still clutching the gun which was only a few inches away from her temple. And just like the angel slumped on the pink-colored carpet, Emma looked lifeless. Eerily lifeless.
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Angel in Distress :: Comments

Re: Angel in Distress
Post on Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:17 pm by ladymoonrose
nakakatakot naman nito sis Shocked
Re: Angel in Distress
Post on Mon Feb 28, 2011 4:27 pm by Guest
naisip ko lang kasi ang storyanf 'to nung makarinig ako ng music box. hehehehe.
Fade Posadas
Re: Angel in Distress
Post on Sun Sep 08, 2013 12:56 pm by Fade Posadas
Hala, may music box pa naman ako, katakot ha. XD
Re: Angel in Distress
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Angel in Distress

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