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 Out Of Nowhere

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She slowly opened her eyes. Slowly because she felt an excruciating pain at the left side of her head and her eyes felt like they were burning inside its sockets. There was something wrong with her left ear. Her hearing was not normal as if her tympanic membrane had been ruptured no sound waves could ever make it vibrate again. Her breathing was labored. Her heart was beating faster. And her body was aching all over. What happened to her? And where was she?

She finally opened her eyes and suddenly the pain in her head became intense. But all she saw was a blur. She closed her eyes again for a few minutes and when she reopened it, her vision was still hazy. She realized she was lying on a hard ground. A cement? A marble? No wonder she was feeling so cold. She tried getting up but she was doing it feebly. The pain was killing her!

As she sat up, her vision was slowing returning to its normality and she saw the ground she was lying upon. It was filthy and dusty just like the clothes she was wearing. She was inside a building. Obviously it had been abandoned for too long. The place was dirty and old. She even thought the roof would collapse any minute. No single furniture could be found and the wall paint was already peeling off it was miserable to look at. The windows were covered with old newspapers but there are some spots that were left uncovered. Those spots were her only sources of light.

Suddenly she heard some footsteps and instinct was telling her to get up and run. But run to where? Where would she go? There was a door at the left side of the room but she knew nothing where that door leads to. But she ran towards it anyway, no matter how painful it took her to do that. She hastily opened it and entered another room much like to where she had been. But the windows were open! Instinct was telling her again to jump outside. And she did.

The moment her feet landed on the ground, she heard the door inside the room being slammed. She ran as fast as she could, never caring where it would lead her. But out of curiosity, she decided to look back. What she saw in the window was just a fleeting shadow, she could not even figure out if it was a person or an animal. What was it? And what kind of a place was this?

She ran again. This time, never daring to look back.
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Kaye Cee
Re: Out Of Nowhere
Post on Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:49 pm by Kaye Cee
lllooooooooooooovvvveeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!

Speechless akech!! as in feel na feel ko na ako yung nasa loob ng story!
Re: Out Of Nowhere
Post on Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:31 am by Guest
bruha ka talaga cate! salamat sis!
Re: Out Of Nowhere
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Out Of Nowhere

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